SALVAGE: Merchandise may or may not be functional.  Missing or broken parts are highly likely.  Merchandise quality falls below C/D Grade standards.

New ConditionGrade A/BGrade CCarton Damage
Discontinued and/or overstock merchandise that is considered new and contains no flaws or defects. Retail ready, QVC customer returned products that are eligible for sale through the QVC Outlet Stores. This merchandise consists of high quality customer returns that may show slight signs of customer use and wear. Product may or may not be in the original packaging or may have box damage. Some items sold as sets may be partials. Product is sold as is with no warranty. QVC customer returns that will show signs of use in varying degrees. Product may or may not be in the original packaging. Some items may be partials. Product is sold as is with no warranty. The outer carton was damaged while in transit to the QVC distribution center and/or did not meet QVC and/or UPS shipping standards. The merchandise is intact; it will be in good condition and can be used as originally intended. In some instances, individual items may show sign slight imperfections. All product is sold as-is with no warranty.
Conditions Descriptions & Examples
 New ConditionGrade A/BGrade C


The handbags are new and unused: all straps, closures, hardware and accessories are present and functional.

The handbags are "retail ready". They may show minimal signs of wear; possible scenarios are: the primary strap is functional but may be missing secondary strap(s); the exterior zippers are functional but may be missing magnetic closure; the handbag may contain minor surface imperfections; the hardware may be tarnished and/or scratched.

The handbags will  show varying signs of wear including: missing primary or all straps/handles (bag may function as a clutch); functional main closure but may have defective zipper and may be missing pulls; may contain moderate exterior and/or interior scratches, stains and surface cuts; the bags may be missing hardware.


The apparel is new, in its original packaging and a complete set: all accessories and embellishments are present with tissue or cardboard coverings; all sewn in labels are present; all zippers are sewn correctly and function. There are no holes or pulls and only non-obvious material flaws (color fly); there should be no laundry smell.

The apparel is “retail ready” and the same merchandise sold within the QVC Outlet Stores. The zippers function and sewn-in labels are attached. Some items will show signs of customer wear including: non-obvious fabric imperfections like color fly and pulls and small holes in non-obvious locations. The embellishments may be broken or missing but will include replacements. 

The apparel will show signs of use in varying degrees: embellishments may be missing and/or broken; zippers will be functional but may be missing pulls; the sewn in labels may be missing or incorrect; it may contain small, obvious holes, pulls or flaws; it may have moderate but cleanable stains and moderate pilling; it may contain partial sets. The merchandise may have a strong smell of laundry detergent. 


The shoes are new in their original packaging: there are no visible signs of wear to interior or exterior and all inserts are included.

The shoes are "retail ready". They may show minimal signs of wear including: surface wear on soles; stains on exterior fabric; missing embellishments.

The shoes will show moderate wear on the soles and/or on the interior footbed. There may also be moderate stains on exterior fabric.